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[Download] Ortharize: Who we are

Ortharize was built to solve a problem that many companies suffer from. Why should companies pay more? Any why do employees need to book their travel through a call centre so often? Surely a business travel platform could also cater to more complex bookings. In our eBook about Ortharize, we explain who we are, what we do and why we do it.

[Download] Save Money on Business Travel

For many organisations, travel is directly linked with growth. It allows you to connect with your regional and international bases, clients and prospects. It’s no surprise that organisations make on average $12.50 for every dollar they spend on business travel. Left unchecked, travel costs can skyrocket.

[Download] Covid-19: Returning to Travel

Getting travel right is key for any organisation; it can save you money and time. But getting in right in a world with Covid-19 is even more important. No one wants valuable staff off sick under any circumstances, but safeguarding your people during a pandemic is paramount. Download this free eBook now to learn more.

Our Top Tips for Sustainable Business Travel

The past year’s events and global slowdown has shown the beauty of the environment around us. It has shown us the beauty of nature and how important it is that we do what we can to protect the environment and encourage it to thrive. We’ve listed the best way for travelers and organisations to make their travel more sustainable.

Building staff wellbeing into corporate travel

Travelling can be stressful and incredibly tiring, putting a strain on staff wellbeing. Employees should understand the effects of travelling and being away from home can have on their physical and mental health. A World Bank study showed that almost 75% of those traveling for business reported high or very high stress.

Five reasons flexible working works

You don’t need a pandemic to push you into the remote working revolution; flexible working is good for your business and for your people. At Ortharize, we’ve always been 100 per cent behind agile working and all of our teams work from home. Here are five reasons why we’ve embraced flexible working fully.

Renting a car post-COVID-19

We’re finishing our four part series of returning to travel with a look at renting a car post-COVID-19. Many car rental companies have been touting their ‘flexibility’ during this pandemic. Some rental firms are happy to make changes to any reservation—in a similar way to airlines—under the current circumstances.

[Download] Company Travel Policy Template

A company travel policy are integral for any organisation that needs multiple employees or teams to travel over the year. Set out clear instructions for your staff on how to book travel, as well as limitations and best practice. Download for free now to create your first travel policy, or improve upon your current provisions.

Travelling by Train post-COVID-19

As with the majority of transport services, many stations and trains are operating with higher levels of cleaning, both in frequency and detail. We’re continuing our transport series on returning to travel with an article on what to expect when travelling by train post-Covid-19.

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