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CorporateLiveWire Wales Prestige Awards

We’ve been working hard on our platform, and have promised a lot to our supporters and investors. We’re getting closer to unveiling our platform and we’re very excited to show you. We wanted to show you that the quality of our product and the commitment that we’ve put into developing the platform is being recognised.

Carbon emissions reporting on our platform, how does it work?

Who’s responsibility should it be to make global travel greener? COP26 shined a light on the plans held by our governments and politicians. We’re extremely conscious about how we affect the world around us. We’re encouraging our customers to travel the world, so it’s our responsibility to make sustainable travel easier for our them.

Environmentally friendly business travel, what can we do to help?

Many business travellers think that a more sustainable option is often out of reach. However, it’s vital to consider more environmentally friendly actions and activities when on the go. This guide features some simple, easy-to-use tips to make your trips a little bit greener. Together we can take the right steps to help global sustainability efforts succeed

Mental health and business travel: 5 ways to keep healthy

Business trips bring are often associated with excitement, but recent studies show that they can also take a toll on our mental health too. After looking into the research we put together this guide of useful tips that can benefit most travellers. We’ve included are some contact telephone numbers that you can use if you need to speak with someone.

Top travel hacks from our team!

We’ve all been there… forgotten passports, heavy luggage, and tight layover times. When it comes to corporate travel, preparation and organisation is key. Here at Ortharize, we asked some of our team members to come up with some of the best travel hacks to use when travelling for work in order to make your business trip a little less stressful.

10 ways to stay healthy on a business trip

Travelling can be exhausting, causing stress on your body – regardless of whether the purpose is for work or leisure. It can disrupt your sleep, what you eat, and your workout routine.
We’ve put together 10 useful tips that you’ll find in this guide. They’re easy to follow and can help you maintain a healthy travel lifestyle.

Sleep struggles? 6 ways to get more shut-eye on your business trip

It’s safe to say that we all love to travel, but staying in hotels for business trips can take it’s toll on the quality of our sleep. Unfamiliar surroundings, a head full of meetings, and probably too much coffee. If you’re struggling to sleep when you’re out of town, try these six suggestions for a more restful night.

[Research] How do business travellers actually feel about sustainability?

Earth Day (22nd April) got us thinking- what can we do as businesses and business travellers to be more sustainability focused? We’ve only got one planet Earth, let’s try to treat it right. We decided to find out how much organisations value the environment, sustainability and their carbon footprint.

Bleisure: The smarter way to manage travel?

You find yourself sent away on a business trip to a stunning, exotic city that you’ve always wanted to visit. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few days to try the local cuisines, see the sights and tick something off of your bucket list? Bleisure is an emerging movement that allows a business traveller to extend their stay using annual leave.

Our Business Travel Trends for 2021

Business and corporate travel took a backseat in 2020 in the wake of closed borders, cancelled travel and lockdowns. By April 2020, airline capacity was down by 70 to 80 percent, compared to 2019. We take a look at some of the key business travel trends to look out for as we cautiously look towards travel this year.

[Download] Travel Arranger Template

You know that at times, booking travel for other members of your organisation can be tough. Some like to leave a message, others email; some requests appear on a post-it note on your desk after lunch. We’ve put together this document to help you get the information you need to make booking corporate travel easier.

[Download] Ortharize: Who we are

Ortharize was built to solve a problem that many companies suffer from. Why should companies pay more? Any why do employees need to book their travel through a call centre so often? Surely a business travel platform could also cater to more complex bookings. In our eBook about Ortharize, we explain who we are, what we do and why we do it.

[Download] Save Money on Business Travel

For many organisations, travel is directly linked with growth. It allows you to connect with your regional and international bases, clients and prospects. It’s no surprise that organisations make on average $12.50 for every dollar they spend on business travel. Left unchecked, travel costs can skyrocket.

[Download] Covid-19: Returning to Travel

Getting travel right is key for any organisation; it can save you money and time. But getting in right in a world with Covid-19 is even more important. No one wants valuable staff off sick under any circumstances, but safeguarding your people during a pandemic is paramount. Download this free eBook now to learn more.

Our Top Tips for Sustainable Business Travel

The past year’s events and global slowdown has shown the beauty of the environment around us. It has shown us the beauty of nature and how important it is that we do what we can to protect the environment and encourage it to thrive. We’ve listed the best way for travelers and organisations to make their travel more sustainable.

Building staff wellbeing into corporate travel

Travelling can be stressful and incredibly tiring, putting a strain on staff wellbeing. Employees should understand the effects of travelling and being away from home can have on their physical and mental health. A World Bank study showed that almost 75% of those traveling for business reported high or very high stress.

Five reasons flexible working works

You don’t need a pandemic to push you into the remote working revolution; flexible working is good for your business and for your people. At Ortharize, we’ve always been 100 per cent behind agile working and all of our teams work from home. Here are five reasons why we’ve embraced flexible working fully.

Renting a car post-COVID-19

We’re finishing our four part series of returning to travel with a look at renting a car post-COVID-19. Many car rental companies have been touting their ‘flexibility’ during this pandemic. Some rental firms are happy to make changes to any reservation—in a similar way to airlines—under the current circumstances.

[Download] Company Travel Policy Template

A company travel policy are integral for any organisation that needs multiple employees or teams to travel over the year. Set out clear instructions for your staff on how to book travel, as well as limitations and best practice. Download for free now to create your first travel policy, or improve upon your current provisions.

Travelling by Train post-COVID-19

As with the majority of transport services, many stations and trains are operating with higher levels of cleaning, both in frequency and detail. We’re continuing our transport series on returning to travel with an article on what to expect when travelling by train post-Covid-19.

Staying at hotels post-COVID-19: What to expect

The swipe of the key-card. The buzz of the electric lock. The slow opening of the door to reveal your room for the first time. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or a novice; there’s something special about the hotel experience. As the second in our series on different travel aspects post-COVID-19, we talk about staying at hotels, wherever you are in the world.

Eight reasons Ortharize should be your next travel platform

With the right policies, processes and travel partner, organisations can build real growth through travel. It’s difficult to find a good business travel company that fits all the needs of your organisation and is flexible enough to foster a long, successful partnership. We’ve compiled some of the reasons that our clients have found most useful, and hope that you will too.

What to expect when flying post-COVID-19

Businesses and travellers are returning to the skies and beginning the process of flying post-COVID-19. In the first of our series looking at returning to travel post-COVID-19, we talk about what to expect when flying. Find out below what to expect when travelling for business at airports and on planes, as well as some top tips to make your journey go smoothly.

Five tips for saving money on business travel

Saving money on travel is an act of balance. It’s key that savings are made effectively and consistently, but not at the expense of employee engagement. Staff should feel valued when travelling for your organisation, whilst making sure that return of investment is monitored. We’ve compiled some of our favourites tips from our experience and those that have been working for our clients.

Business travel after Covid-19: Our top tips

Returning to business travel in 2020 after the disruption of Covid-19 can be an uncomfortable conversation for some organisations and staff. As a result, many organisations are trying to make remote working the norm, but this is going to be difficulty for many sectors. Whether it’s meetings, client success activities and keeping regional bases connected and engaged.

Social Media and Ortharize

If you’re looking for the most up to date business travel news and updates from Ortharize, the best way is through our social media channels. We believe that no two social media channels are alike, and for that reason, we’re tailoring our content for each channel to match those using a specific platform and what you’d expect or want to see on it. We’re now live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin.

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