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Hello! Bonjour! Guten tag! Salve! Asalaam Alaikum! Konnichiwa! Nǐn Hǎo! We’re Ortharize.

At Ortharize, we believe in making business travel better. For everyone.

Better for business travellers, travel managers, finance managers, and admin teams. And for your business’ bottom line. 

That’s why we do what we do.

Ortharize was created by business travellers for business travellers. We’ve experienced the uncomfortable beds, lack of parking and  lost reservations at 10pm in a strange city. We’ve spent the time away from home, had the bad meals and not had Wi-Fi. We also know what it is like for business leaders and finance teams, it’s vast amounts of money spent, hours on reconciliation and no easy way to measure ROI.

All this leads to inefficiency in the business, loss of employee engagement and overall, an unenforceable set of rules for travel.

And that’s why Ortharize is a game changer for business travel.

Ortharize exists purely through the hard work and dedication to bring a real solution to an industry that desperately needs it, and it wouldn’t be here today without a strong team behind it.

A word from

Gary Wardrope
CEO & Co-Founder

“Booking business travel should be as easy–and inspiring–as booking leisure travel.

We’ve taken the simplicity of consumer booking, and applied it to corporate travel. We’ve added some fun incentives to motivate staff to cut costs. And we’ve created an easy-to-use platform that saves businesses time and money.

But, above all, it just makes business travel so much better.”

Our core values

Ortharize is built on a strong foundation of core values, held aloft by a team of great people. We’re business travel champions that believe we can only win when our clients win. Most of our staff have first-hand experience of business travel and we empower them to use this to deliver an excellent product.
Core value #1

We are Business
Travel Champions

As business travellers we pride ourselves on having the ability to put ourselves in the same shoes as our users. We can’t make business travel better without the help of our users. This is what inspires us to deliver great service.

about us
about us
Core value #2

It can always
be better

We believe in innovation and evolution. Our commitment to our users drives our desire to deliver the best business travel platform on the market. Problems are a challenge that we face head-on.

Core value #3

Be the good guy

As a team of frequent travellers, we’re very aware of the impact that the travel industry has on the environment. We’re determined to provide our users with a toolset that will enact positive change. Integrity and accountability are at the forefront of every decision that we make.

about us
about us
Core value #4

Great people,
great workplace

Business travel can’t be made better without great people. Our working culture is being crafted to support every single team member so that together we can solve business travel’s biggest problems.

What's your trip worth to you?

Join the most disruptive business travel platform and shake up your corporate travel today.

Find out more about us through our Frequently Asked Questions, or drop us a line here.

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