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About us

Hi! We're Ortharize.

At Ortharize, we believe in making business travel better. For everyone.

Better for business travellers, travel managers, finance managers and admin teams. And for your business’ bottom line. 

That’s why we do what we do.

Ortharize is the brainchild of Jon Maddison, a marketeer and long-suffering business traveller. Before setting up Ortharize, Jon spent 11 years leading SaaS businesses. He was MD of an expenses software company and spent several years in consumer rewards. After 20 years of grappling with complicated corporate travel issues, he decided to build something better. 

And, in 2019, Ortharize was born.

A word from

Jon Maddison
CEO & Founder

“Booking business travel should be as easy–and inspiring–as booking leisure travel.

We’ve taken the simplicity of consumer booking, and applied it to corporate travel. We’ve added some fun incentives to motivate staff to cut costs. And we’ve created an easy-to-use platform that saves businesses time and money.

But, above all, it just makes business travel so much better.”

about us
Who we are

Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundations of our business. They guide our day-to-day work, our relationships with clients and partners, and the way we work as a team.
Core Value #1

We are Business
Travel Champions

We are business travellers and pride ourselves on being business travel-focussed. We are always working to make business travel better–for everyone.

about us
Core Value #2

We are

Our one-stop travel-booking platform is constantly evolving. And we will keep on adapting and coming up with innovative solutions to our customers’ corporate travel problems. 

about us
Core Value #3

We are

We do everything we do with integrity, honesty and respect. You can trust us to do the right thing, especially when no-one’s looking.

about us
Core Value #4

We are

We value our team and are creating a great place to work. Flexible and remote working are the norm at Ortharize. We want everyone to have a healthy work-life balance.

about us
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The future of business travel

Join the most disruptive business travel platform and shake up your corporate travel today.

Find out more about us through our Frequently Asked Questions, or drop us a line here.

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