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Who we are

Our Core Values

We’re aspiring to be globally recognised for providing the best experience for business travellers, while at the same time offering substantial savings to organisations. We’ve sculpted our core values to represent what we stand for and what our clients can expect from us.
Core Value #1

We are the Business
Travel Champions

We’re a team of business travellers who want more than what’s currently out there. We allow organisations to centralize their travel logistics in one place and are always looking for innovative ways to improve user experience and the simplicity of travelling all over the world.

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Core Value #2

We are proud to be
Innovation Pioneers

We look at the problems our customers have and build solutions to their problems. We pride ourselves on being business travelled focused and use our knowledge of the sector, as well as our technical minds to build smart fixes and innovative new features.

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Core Value #3

We make a lasting impact
in everything we do

We set ambitious, client-orientated objectives and work hard to achieve them. We’re not looking at what has been done, but focus on the problems that our clients are having and build the fix they need.

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Core Value #4

We're building
a great place to work

We empower our teams to build the incredible, focus on success and love what they do. We’re always working at building on the skills our staff have and investing in their future goals and aspirations.

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