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Why Ortharize?

Take control of your travel spend and reporting

We’ve partnered with all of the travel providers you love, to make sure that you’ll save money on your business travel costs, not just in what you pay for the travel, but in the time spent booking, managing, and reconciling travel. Business travellers save up to 40% with Ortharize, and we’d love to show you how you can join them. 

Too many businesses still rely on using consumer services to book their travel, or worse, use an outdated business travel platform that charges booking fees, wiping out any cost savings offered. We don’t charge online booking fees, and you can use our platform and most tools for free. If you’re looking to save money to be able to spend more on bonuses while travelling, or to reward your staff, Ortharize is the platform to try next.

Zero online booking fees

We don’t charge online booking fees via our web-based platform. Book as much travel as your want without the worry of hidden charges. We offer a 24/7/365 support team who can take bookings over the phone and via email, where fees may apply, but these are still 35% below the industry average.

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Bringing the best savings to your travel

We’re constantly working on getting a better deal for our clients. We’re part of a travel consortium that deals with over £4.5 billion worth of travel each year, meaning that our clients have access to the best discounts. We also help our clients by negotiating reduced rates specifically for their travel programme, their preferred hotels, locations, and airlines.

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Saving time is saving money

We aren’t only trying to cut travel costs. Using the Ortharize platform means saving you time as well. Our powerful reporting tools will save you hours of reconciliation and invoicing time, which are all self-service and available exactly when you need them. Financial reconciliation is easy with our consolidated invoice function, and our one-click travel approval system saves managers a great deal of time, meaning your staff can focus on their roles and leave the travel management to us.

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Get rewarded for spending less

With Ortharize rewards, you can save even more by incentivising your travellers to spend less. This means that even if you find a hotel cheaper elsewhere, your staff are more likely to search for another that’s 20% more affordable as they’re being rewarded with points for doing so. Our merchandise range extends from gift cards to luxury items, and even charitable donations. For the first time ever, travellers are incentivised to think about your bottom line and are rewarded for it.

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