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Why Ortharize

Business travel management done right

travel management

Corporate travel can be messy, booking travel using different services and apps can be difficult to manage and can get out of hand quickly. Ortharize makes it easy for travellers to book their own travel, as well as simplifying processes for travel approvals and those who arrange travel for others.

We put you in control
of your travel spend

Too many businesses still rely on using consumer services to book their travel, or worse, use an outdated business travel platform that charges booking fees, wiping out any cost savings offered. We don’t charge online booking fees, and you can use our platform and most tools for free. If you’re looking to save money to be able to spend more on bonuses while travelling, or to reward your staff, Ortharize is the platform to try next.

taken seriously

Security is important for Ortharize, because it’s important for your business. Cyber Security is the lifeblood of any software company and we’ve worked hard to implement a range of encryption technologies to protect you from threats against your security.

Keep engagement high
with smart rewards

Many people see travelling for work as a perk of the job, that it makes a job more attractive, but bad travel experiences can damage this perspective. Ortharize gives your staff the confidence to travel safely, comfortably and affordably. When they save you money, they earn reward points which can be exchanged for a wide range of items in our merchandise store. Including luxury goods, charitable donations, gift cards, and more.

Book everything you want
in one place

We’re here to make it easy for you to get from A to B, so that you can enjoy the journey and focus on what’s important to you. We have a wide platform inventory, with all the brands you know and love. If it’s not on the platform, we can book it for you offline—and our 24/7/365 traveller support team is ready to help you out at any time, day and night.

Let's talk travel

The only thing to lose is time. And money. And rewards.

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