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Why Ortharize?

Travel Booking Bliss

We approach business travel differently. We believe that travel is a part of a successful businesses operations, but that getting the most for your money is really important.

Our self-service travel booking platform gives business the controls to actively reduce spend by incentivising users and automating administration tasks, whilst improving the business travel experience. Below, we list some of the key features that our clients across the world love.


Set your travel policy (or policies) with your limits, restrictions and alerts in granular detail.


Use our single interface platform to book and manage all of your travel, using our low priced fare network.


Save money on low cost fares and incentivizing users to spend less when they travel. Save time through automated reports and consolidated invoices.

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Reasons to choose Ortharize

We’ve rounded up the main reasons why our clients love Ortharize and our no hassle platform.
why ortharize

Booking fees? Never heard of him.

We have direct relationships with airlines, car rental firms and hotel chains, enabling our customers to access lower rates than are available through intermediaries. Our buying power also enables us to offer perks like free Wi-Fi & breakfasts that contribute to your savings and improve employee experience.

Unlike traditional travel management companies, we don't charge you booking fees and by booking your travel all from one place you avoid hidden costs from processing multiple transactions. Our platform is available with a wide range of features at no cost to you per month.

We turn staff into cost savers, through gamification.

Many companies set travel spend limits to cap how much their business travellers spend and it’s a fact that when staff book their own travel, they spend more. We also know that travel policies need to be at a certain level to apply to a variety of circumstances, and for that reason there's no incentive for staff to save their organisation money.

If a hotel stay policy is capped at £100 per night, a business traveller is more likely to spend as close to that as possible. They book a slightly nicer room, a more convenient flight, a better seat. After all, if it's within policy, it's ok isn't it? When a user saves money against a travel policy, they're rewarded in points which they can redeem through the platform for annual leave, gift cards, holidays and charitable donations.

What's great as well, is that you can use our platform to run other reward incentives including annual bonus, sales incentives and other internal schemes- centralising your rewards and incentive spending in one place.

Stop wasting time on admin: automate it.

Not only can you book the most important forms of travel through us in one easy to navigate platform, but we make back-end administration a pleasure. Gone are the days of sifting through travel expense returns and invoices with Ortharize's consolidated invoicing.

As well as easy travel booking, we offer functionality to purchase currency and pre-paid MasterCard for travel, saving time on topping up company cards and worrying about poor exchange rates. Once the travel is completed, we allow finance teams to sort consolidated invoices in a way that suits their workflows (by department, user or other custom metrics), so that they can run reconciliations in half the time of doing manually.

Eat. Sleep. Data. Repeat.

We give you the power to drill down into the intricate details of a travel policy- fine tuning spending caps and varying it for certain cities and regions where needed. We're always adding new features to the travel policy to allow for even greater fine tuning, such distance, lowest viable price, class, cost and geographical restriction.

We love data at Ortharize and have built a range of reports and tools for organisations to drill into a range of key metrics such as:

• Detailed user and department expenses;

• International travel spend;

• Premium Class travel spend;

• Unapproved requests reporting;

• CO2 Emissions across users, departments and the business as a whole.

Custom reports are available through our enterprise package.

Centralise or Delegate: you decide.

We replicate your organisational structure within the platform, allowing administrators to have real time viewing on bookings being made. Travel can be organized by travellers and then sent to managers to authorize (and then instantly booked) with email alerts, or sent to travel arrangers within the company if that is part of your travel process.

With the full travel policies easily accessible in your platform, managers and approvers have quick access to what is allowed; saving valuable work time checking with more senior members managers. If a price has gone up when a manager goes to approve, they can either accept the change or send it back to the user to relook at their trip options.

why ortharize

The Business Travel Champions

We’re making steps towards a world with lower travel costs, reduced administration time, smaller carbon footprint and happier, safer travellers. Take a look at who we are at Ortharize.