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Why Ortharize

Five reasons to choose Ortharize

We don’t charge you booking fees and you can use many of our tools for free. Plus, our buying power means you get the best rates from airlines, car rental firms and hotel chains around the world. It also means we can offer perks like free Wi-Fi or breakfasts, for extra savings and an even better business travel experience.
We turn staff into cost savers, by encouraging thrifty choices. When one of your team saves money against a travel policy, we reward them with points. They then exchange their points for gift vouchers, charitable donations, or any other incentives you want to dream up; annual leave, grand prizes etc. etc. You can even use the platform to run other reward incentives in your company, and link them all up.
Booking and managing ALL your travel in one place is a time-saver. But that’s not the end of it. It also means more control over your data. And we have the tools to help you drill down into your business’ travel habits, to spot trends and help you travel better. AND–the best bit–it means the joy of consolidated invoices! Wave goodbye to days of sifting through travel expenses; finance teams can run reconciliations in half the time of doing it manually.
You define how your company travels. Your travel policies are at the heart of how Ortharize works for your organisation. Set out your limits in as much detail as you like; you can fine-tune spending caps and even vary them for different cities or regions, or run multiple travel policies for different parts of the business. Oh, and you can even make your personalised platform look pretty, with your company colours and branding.
Ortharize makes it easy for employees to book their own travel, but the platform is built to be flexible. You can opt to automatically apply your travel policies to the search function, so bookings are only made within the limits you set. You can set up an automatic approval process, or you can choose to flag anything outside of your normal policy, to be rubber-stamped on a case-by-case basis. Ortharize can be set up to give you and your senior staff the oversight you need.
why ortharize

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