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What can Ortharize do?

If you’re wondering if Ortharize is the right business travel management tool for you, check out this case study- we served up an ace travel experience for over one hundred business travellers.

A big problem made small

In the Summer of 2022, Ortharize was approached with what seemed like a tricky task- can we get over one hundred  business travellers to London for a company get together? To make things even more difficult, it was also Wimbledon season, 20,000 flights had been cancelled the week before, and we were given less than a month to do it. Game on.

The details

It was the height of the summer in 2022, international travel was still in a rocky recovery period following COVID-19 and we’d just onboarded a new client in the legal sector. As the world was slowly making a return to travel, so were businesses, and our newest client was eager to spread their wings again and resume their usual international operations as soon as possible, which came to us in the form of gathering the entire company from 5 different global locations to one central location.

We were in the driving seat and were given the keys to bring the entire company together for a party in vibrant London. It was a first chance for many of their employees to meet for the first time and unwind, everything needed to be perfect.

The challenge

100+ business travellers, from 5 locations to one hotel, in London, during Wimbledon (the busiest weekend of the year for hotels in London). What could go wrong? 

At the time most of the major international airlines were almost crippled by the sudden surge in demand, almost all flights were either full, being delayed or cancelled, and those that did make it into the air were considerably more expensive than normal. Pair this with the fact that hotel prices in London typically increase by 50% during peak season, we certainly had our work cut out for us.

How did our team tackle the problem?

It was all hands to centre court. We knew what this event meant for our client, and just how important it was for us, and them, that we got it right. Our expert agents got to work, scrutinising our expansive inventory for the perfect options. It was a perfect opportunity to flex our approach to making business travel better and to do something special for our users. We faced the challenge head-on, and after a few deuces with negotiating flight and hotel rates, we found ourselves waiting to return-serve on advantage point.

Some of the highlights from Ortharize’s involvement included:
  • – Using our hotel contacts to get all staff in a single hotel for 23% less than the budget allocated.
  • – Handling rooming lists and taking travel admin away from our client to free them up to arrange the event itself.
  • – All staff arrived ahead of the 10am launch event despite flight delays.
  • – Ortharize support team were on hand 24/7 for delegates to assist with questions and required changes. We even booked hotels at 3am for a delegation of guests whose flight was delayed coming into the UK near the airport as there were no trains to central London for their prearranged hotel.
  • – Dealt with credits and refunds for delays on flights automatically, and deducting these automatically from the final invoice for the event.

Our friends at TravelPort wrote up the full story which you can read here

We can do the same for you

This is just one of many incredible stories we’ve been able to be a part of by creating the perfect trips for our users. Swing into action and find out how the experts at Ortharize can ace your next business trip, take the first steps towards better business travel, for everyone. Book your demo below and volley your way into a future of stress-free business travel.