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Why Ortharize?

We're serious about security

Security is important for Ortharize, because it’s important for your business. Cyber Security is the lifeblood of any software company and we’ve worked hard to implement a range of encryption technologies to protect you from threats against your security. Here’s what you can expect from us:
  • Data encryption at rest (AES-256)
  • SAML-based SSO support
  • Bug bounty program
  • Data encryption during transit (TLS v1.2 at minimum)
  • Email, text, and app-based multi-factor authentication
  • Pre-release checks before platform updates
  • Advanced threat detection via AWS GuardDuty
  • Daily vulnerability scanning
  • Industry-leading endpoint detection and response protection
  • Regular penetration testing.

Our Gold-Standard Security Ecosystem

You trust us to manage your travel management because we are the experts. We trust industry leaders in the cyber security sector to protect your data and privacy. We’re continuously reviewing partnerships and new security products in the market to make sure we’re at the cutting edge of keeping your data and our services as secure as possible. 

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Effective Employee Training As Standard

Security starts and ends with people, so we spend a huge amount of time training staff and keeping awareness at the forefront of their minds. When joining Ortharize, no matter what sort of role they are in, staff undertake rigorous online training to bring their knowledge around organisational security up to our high standards. We run refresher training each year and make sure that necessary policies and information are always available for reference.

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Secure Authentication Anywhere and Everywhere

Our platform goes over and beyond most others in our industry. We offer multi-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security via authenticator app, email or SMS. We’re also proud to offer enterprise SSO login options for Google, Azure and Apple, so no matter how your organisation is setup, Otharize can work for your infrastructure.

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High Availability, Resilient Service Always

We’ve implemented a number of controls and backup solutions to provide both our platform and support teams with measures to deliver a high-availability service. All of our data and servers are stored in secure tier 3 ISO 270001 certified UK data centres, with dual resiliency throughout our infrastructure, meaning that not only are we secure, but we’re not going to go down when you need us most. We’re so proud of our service availability, we share it live on our website, which you can access here

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