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Why ortharize?

Make green travel easy

Choose a sustainable travel management platform that not only saves you money, but puts a smile on your employee’s faces. You can travel easier knowing that we’re here to help you and your team take positive steps towards helping the environment. 

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For an organisation that travels regularly, the hardest part about going green is accurately recording and acting upon your carbon emissions. With Ortharize you’ll be able to take action with confidence. Our carbon emissions reports function will give you exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. The CO2 accumulated from your trips will be concisely recorded in an easy-to-read report, which you can set up to receive, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Travel paperless
We'll do the work for you

We’re helping to make paper a thing of the past. We promise that no booking with Ortharize will include paperwork from us. Our contracts and correspondence are completely digital, as well as all of your travel tickets and booking documents too. Sustainable travel starts here. 

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Let's work together
to go green

At Ortharize we’re obsessed about sustainability. In fact, It’s so important to us that it’s one of our core values. You’ll be partnering with a passionate team dedicated to enacting positive change in the environments that we travel through. After all, two teams working on the same mission are better than one

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