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In-Destination Mobility for Business Travellers

When it comes to getting around during your business trips, the choices can be overwhelming. Should you rent a car, take a taxi, or perhaps explore the city on a bike? Let’s unravel the best ways to improve In-Destination Mobility for business travellers.

City Mobility: Think Local, Save Big

In bustling cities like London, blending in with the locals is key. Taxis can drain your budget, so we recommend opting for the Tube or taking a leisurely walk, immersing yourself in the city’s charm. It’s not just a commute; it’s an experience that combines sightseeing with daily exercise.

Driving Decisions: Strategic Car Rentals

When the destination is a trek from the airport, renting a car can become good a strategic move. Plan ahead for the best rates and flexibility. While a small hatchback might cost around £300 per week, be mindful of hidden expenses, such as a full petrol tank upon return.

Glocal Travel: Embrace Local Flavours

Think ‘glocal’—applying global operations with a local touch. Just as business decisions consider the local community, your in-destination mobility optionscan too. In bike-friendly Amsterdam, pedal through the streets like a local, and in Mumbai, experience the charm of Tuk-Tuks. Embrace the culture, and your travel becomes an adventure.

Pedal Power: Healthy and Cost-Effective

For the leisurely traveller, renting a bike offers a healthy and economical solution. Many cities provide a bike rental scheme like you see around London, you can find a list of various providers around the globe here. In destinations where time isn’t a constraint, consider the entrepreneurial twist of buying and reselling second-hand bikes—a unique challenge for the business-savvy traveller.

Cost Management: Plan, Budget, Succeed

Navigating costs during business travel requires strategic planning. Anticipate expenses, plan ahead, and establish a travel policy to guide your team. Ortharize stands as your partner, providing 24/7/365 support and an award winning business travel booking platform.

Empower Your Travels with Ortharize: Book a Demo Today

Discover how Ortharize can empower In-Destination Mobility for your Business Travellers. Our platform not only helps you take control of costs but also ensures a stress-free journey. Book a demo today to explore the possibilities. Our offline team are experts in destination planning. They can help with planning transfers and all daily commutes once you reach your destination.

If you’re considering a new travel policy or need to refine your existing one, our Travel Policy Template serves as an excellent framework for your business needs.

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