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Environmentally friendly business travel, what can we do to help?

For many people, looking after the environment isn’t a priority when travelling. Especially when travelling for work. Many business travellers think that a more sustainable option is often out of reach. However, it’s vital to consider more environmentally friendly actions and activities when on the go.

According to The World Counts, tourism contributes more than 5% of global greenhouse gasses with travel transportation accounting for 90% of this. A simple change such as using a bicycle instead of a car can reduce your travel emissions by approximately 75%. Even taking a train instead of a plane can reduce carbon emissions by around 84% (Our World in Data). There are plenty of ways to make your business trip more sustainable. We’ve put together a few simple tips in this post that anyone can adopt, small steps can make big changes.

Travel Hacks

Plan your schedule with plenty of time between destinations. That way you can experience all the different modes of local travel. Using public transport can save double the fossil fuel energy that using a car for a short trip does. A bicycle can get you from A to B usually much faster through a busy city. Opting for a bike lets you see your destination from a new viewpoint. You’ll see lots more and find the city much more enjoyable not sitting in a traffic jam. Plus you get some exercise too!

But If you’re worried about getting sweaty in your business clothes, there are alternatives to a car. Local buses, tuk-tuks, trams, and trains add to the flavour of a region. It’s a great way to learn some local lingo and to understand the colour and culture of a new place. So hop on a tram next time you’re in town, treat it as part of the adventure, it’s an easy win for the environment.

Stay Smart

Did you know research has shown that hotels use between 100 and 200 gallons of fresh water per occupied guest room per day? With awareness of environmental destruction on the rise, many hotels are adopting eco-friendly practices which help conserve natural resources. Choose a hotel that’s transparent about it’s green efforts. Many hotels now minimise their waste where they can. They provide an option to change your towels and sheets less often, and even recycle water and use renewable energy. For example, Accor hotels launched the Planet 21 scheme to help reduce their negative environmental and social impact in the communities that they operate. Encouraging these practices gives these spaces the positive reinforcement they need, all while minimizing your own carbon footprint.

Shop Sensible

Whether you are bargaining for that beautiful little curio from a charming street seller, or taking back exotic teas as souvenirs. An intrinsic part of travel are the memories you pack into that little shopping bag. Rather than depending on the shop-keeper to pack your precious cargo. Keep a few collapsible bags made of natural fibre tucked into your hand bag or your jacket. Tote bags are an easy way to help sustainability efforts without carrying a bulky bag. A single-use plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose, which isn’t great for the environment. With this one simple step you can prevent the use of a whole lot of plastic, as well as making sure you never miss an opportunity to shop!

Drink Green

One of the ugliest sights in the world is a pile of discarded plastic bottles. Water, being the elixir of life, is an essential necessity. But comes packaged in one of the most harmful substances known to mankind- plastic. Not only is single-use plastic destroying the planet, water drunk from certain plastics can even be harmful to our health.

You can avoid creating your own pile of disaster by carrying your favourite water bottle along with you. Grab your very own climate neutral certified bottle from a company like Klean Kanteen. Innovative bottles can keep your drinks cool for much longer than a plastic bottle. You’ll keep on top of your hydration and on top of a the mission to help the environment by reducing single-use plastic.

Go Digital

Preserve the trees on our planet by going paperless. Whether you’re checking in at the airport or paying for your hotel stay- make sure you have all your documents, photo I.D.’s and travel bookings in a neat folder on your phone. Airports and travel companies are focusing more and more on the environment, making digital options more accessible than ever. It will save you a whole lot of time and trouble as well as keep your details organised.

Going Green

Doing our bit for the environment is extremely important to us here at Ortharize. As well as our handy sustainability tips, we ensure that our platform provides you with as much knowledge on carbon emissions as possible. When booking travel, Ortharize  will show users how much carbon emissions their travel will release, allowing the user to choose the most environmentally friendly option. Our CO2 emissions reporting feature allows companies to measure their carbon footprint, and measure individual, team and the organisation as a whole carbon emissions as well. Does your company want to lower their carbon footprint and make sustainability easier? Book your free demo today, and see how Ortharize can help you meet your green goals!

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